Zedd’s First-Ever Reddit AMA: 5 Issues We Discovered

Zedd took to Reddit for his first-ever ask me anything (AMA) this week and here’s what we learned…

First up, a new album is on the horizon. It’s been five years since Zedd blessed us with True Colors and we can’t wait to hear the next chapter. In the top response below, the producer reveals it’s a work in progress — during quarantine, he “just didn’t feel the inspiration” needed to complete the album, but does have some “amazing songs close-to-finished.”

Zedd previously stated:

Just to be clear: my album isn’t coming out “soon”. It’s coming out when it’s done and perfect. Same philosophy as my other albums.

He also mentions some of his peers, speaking on how Skrillex first encouraged him to utilize the mic and his plans to make music with Porter Robinson. As for dream collaborators — he hopes to work with “Radiohead, Adele, Bruno Mars, Drake, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and many many more.”

We picked out five major highlights below, in which Zedd discusses everything from making it in the music industry to dealing with mental health during quarantine. Read the top Zedd AMA responses below and the entire thing here.

Zedd Reddit AMA Highlights

1. We can expect a new Zedd album when things are “more back to normal”

2. Zedd explains his “complextro” process

3. Zedd’s reveals “Addicted to a Memory” was his biggest challenge

4. Zedd explains how to “make it” in the music industry

5. And, Zedd talks mental health during quarantine

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