Young Sheldon: The Story Behind This Bizarre Cameo


Young Sheldon teased a “super funny” surprise ahead of Thursday’s episode – but it wasn’t another Big Bang Theory Easter Egg.

It was an appearance by pop culture icon David Hasselhoff who acted as his Baywatch-era self-bow. – In a scene across from Jason Alexander’s Mr. Lundy.

As a result, Sheldon’s older brother Georgie decided to film and sell his own training tape, then hired Lundy’s services to improve production and add much-needed pizza. After settling on a cowboy aerobics theme, Georgie and Lundy secured an investor – Georgie’s Meemaw – but the project fell apart due to a hypothetical profit sharing scheme. Still determined to make cowboy aerobics possible, Lundy flew to Burbank, California, where he met The Hoff (not to be confused with The Hof) and convinced him to start a series of training videos. What followed was straight out of a feverish dream – and TVLine has the footage to prove it, along with photos:

How exactly did the former Knight Rider star land on Young Sheldon? For that answer, we reached out directly to the show’s co-creator, Steve Molaro.

“We thought it would be fun if Mr. Lundy managed to do his exercise video without Georgie, and we wanted to find a legendary actor from the ’90s who we thought looked young enough to do his old one I play too, “explained Molaro. “David Hasselhoff was the first person we thought of. Like Mr. Lundy, we were delighted when we got The Hoff. “

Scroll down to see more photos from Hasselhoff’s surprising guest residency at Young Sheldon. Then click on the comments and let us know if you took a double shot on the screen when it arrived.

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