Young Rock Recap: Season One Finale Tackles Dashed NFL Dreams, Teases Election Results – Grade It!


In season 1 of Young Rock, each actor portraying Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at different stages of his life could have his own episode from week to week. So it just makes sense that in the first finale of the NBC comedy, all three Dwaynes would appear to explain how each version of the title character led to his (fictional) candidacy for president.

The episode began with 10-year-old Dewey planning to tour with his father’s wrestling star, Rocky Johnson. But Ata, his mother, said they could stay home and have fun. When Dewey said he’d still rather hang out with his father, Rocky pulled Dewey aside to explain that, despite what they’d told him earlier, Ata had given up on her dream of auditioning for Star Search in Los Angeles to herself to take care of him while Rocky was gone. Touched that his mother had sacrificed so much for him and Rocky, Dewey hugged Ata at Rocky’s surprise farewell party and told her he was really excited to have a good time together. Awww!

Meanwhile, Greg Yao accused Lia of extortion so that the FBI could arrest her. The Rock explained that while his grandmother’s arrest dwarfed his tender time with his mother, it was an example of the roller coaster that life is. (He added that Lia beat the charges but said it’s a story for another time. Good thing Young Rock is back for season 2.)

Next, fans saw teenage Dwayne second in high school when college football coaches would visit his house 24/7 to advertise him, attend their universities, and play ball. This came to a weird head when Dwayne showed up late for a meeting with the University of Miami coaches just for them to say they liked his chewing gum. This inspired the teenager to tell his mother and father that if he became an NFL star, he would buy them a house.

Last but not least, at college age Dwayne ran for the NFL so he could pursue his football dreams and help his parents and buy them the house in question. Unfortunately for The Rock at the time, the NFL didn’t knock and he was drafted into the Canadian Football League instead. While that wasn’t his original plan, The Rock said it allowed him to keep pursuing the NFL while still being paid to make a living playing football.

The Rock added that all of those ups and downs in his early years would have helped prepare him for POTUS, and the finals ended with the suggestion that he probably won the election. However, with neither his win nor his defeat confirmed, fans will have to wait for the second season to see the result as well. But we saw The Rock sit on a park bench with the real Ata, his mother, thinking as they lovingly paid homage to Rocky and Lia, may they rest in peace.

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