Wrath of Man Tops Weekend Box Office, Defeat Demon Slayer

MGM plays a role in whether it’s safe to go to the movies again.

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This weekend, Wrath of man, a guilty amusement film with the lead role Jason Statham, enjoyed a fairly profitable nationwide release. It is one of the first major feature films this summer to debut exclusively in theaters without offering an online streaming option. Wrath of Man is currently # 1 at the box office, starting the summer blockbuster season at over $ 8 million.

While the film is currently # 1 at the box office – and $ 8 million is certainly no reason to sneeze – it’s a sign that moviegoers in the US are also not able to get to theaters due to Covid-19 restrictions. or you don’t feel completely sure yet. This is underscored by the fact that Miramax’s overseas distribution of Wrath of Man made a profit of nearly $ 18 million. Even so, it was enough to outperform the previous first place holder. Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Trainand continues the reign of R-rated action films at the box office.

Jason Statham Wrath of Man

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Vaccination rates are rising in the US, and viral infections like Covid are less contagious in the warm summer months. As big cities like New York and Los Angeles, where theaters make most of their profits, slowly begin to relax restrictions and let more viewers in, it will be interesting to see if other big upcoming summer titles (such as A quiet place II and Cruella) will lure people out of their homes and back to the movies.

Regardless of how much film studios yearn for the days of exclusive theatrical releases, the films released last year are the ones that offered an online streaming option as well. Godzilla versus Kong earned over $ 92 million in the US alone, and Mortal Kombat earned nearly $ 23 million on the opening weekend. Both films are currently in theaters nationwide, but Mortal Kombat can still be streamed online through the HBO Max subscription service until May 24th. Godzilla vs. Kong has already been removed from HBO Max and can only be seen if you are brave enough to leave the house.

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