Why Emma Stone is convinced Leonardo DiCaprio thinks she is a “little madwoman”

While his maiden name is Leonardo Dicaprio, Emma Stone I will always think of him as Jack Dawson.

If you grew up in the 90s, you can likely relate to the Cruella star. After all, this role in the Titanic made him the heartbreaker of Hollywood and basically cemented his status as a movie star. At the time, Stone was 9 years old and, like many girls across the country, a fan. Exactly two decades later, the La La Land actress came full circle when she won her first Oscar, presented to her by DiCaprio himself.

During an interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Stone was asked how she remembered winning the Oscar that milestone night. “Leonardo DiCaprio,” she said Jess Cagle without hesitation. “That was what went through my head because it was him. And I thought I had seen the Titanic seven and a half times in theaters. He was the love of my life. I had a picture of him in my bedroom that was signed, that I got for my birthday when I was 12 and went to Leo. I thought this was officially the most surreal moment of my life. I couldn’t believe it. “

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