Why Brandy’s Cinderella is holding up higher than latest Disney music remakes

Cinderella keeps it simple. Do you like cinderella? What about a really talented cast, classic story, and some adorable songs? OK, cool, let’s go! That’s it. No nonsense. I feel like something was lost when I tried to address the animated versions and then also convey a sense of scalability that interests us to relive it in a different and elevated way. There’s nothing wrong with thinking big, but along the way, some potentially great accomplishments are lost in the shuffle. Do you remember how Ewan McGregor played Lumiere? No? Me too, because he disguised himself in five levels of production design to make the scene look great instead of focusing on the personality he could specifically put into the iconic role. In contrast, Bernadette Peters’ wicked stepmother is very special and unforgettable.

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