Why Best Showman’s Keala Settle Rejected Her Well-known ‘This Is Me’ Music Till This Yr

What a lot of people don’t know and now will know is that I rejected that song from the very beginning. While everybody else was accepting it, everything in me was rejecting it because I was not ready to not be afraid. And then this year happened, and over the past probably eight or nine months, basically since this pandemic started for us in the U.S. it has become what it is for everyone else for me because I sat down and looked into it and understood it. I can sing it with everything in me, but when the song was over I used to retract. I don’t know why I do this, but when I perform, I throw everything out there and then when I’m done, I’m so horrified that I did that I retract immediately. Everyone else was being affected by it and I was running away. So this past year has been just a light switch that works and actually has power in it.

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