What’s wrong with the future of Game of Thrones?

The final season of Game of Thrones, of course, wasn’t very well received, and neither was this tweet.

“Winter is GONE,” wrote a Twitter user. “You blew it.”

“Never have I seen a serial nose dive so hard and be abandoned by their fans and viewers,” wrote another. “I’m watching the show again right now and it hurts physically to know how unrewarded the finale is. If you can revive this franchise, it would be a miracle.”

“Season 8 remake?” suggested another fan.

One person had a really great, albeit difficult, idea.

“Between us, I’m ALL IN with us, pretending it’s early 2019, Season 8 hasn’t happened yet, and I’m doing the damn thing fresh,” they said. “Our secret!”

The majority of fans, who took the time to respond to the coming winter’s idea, seemed to agree that they would want another take on the show’s end. They will all get this chance whenever George RR Martin finishes writing his version of the story, but right now it’s more likely the tweet referred to the fact that the “Iron Anniversary” is only a few days away.

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