We Ranked All of Hallmark Channel’s 2020 Christmas Films–and You are Going to Have Some Emotions

Not all heroes wear capes. But we do wear Hallmark-branded slankets.

It’s mere days before Christmas and we’ve officially watched 78 hours of new Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Let us repeat that: 78 hours. (So next time Aunt Nancy asks what we’re working on and what exactly it is we “do” for a living, we’ll be proud to show her this.)

Countdown to Christmas, the network’s longrunning programming event, kicked off on Oct. 24, with four new movies airing every weekend. (Sorry Halloween and Thanksgiving!) Between Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 2020’s slate had 39 movies. The wicked think they don’t rest? Try scheduling your life around Hallmark movies.

And Candace Cameron Bure‘s annual showing on the Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend has always marked the peak of C-to-C (How we refer to Countdown to Christmas in our home, obviously), bringing to a close a week of new movies. We truly had no room for stuffing and mashed potatoes ’cause we were stuffed from Hallmark. 

 Alas, all good things must come to an end and the final two movies of the 2020 season aired. And, we don’t know, maybe it was the emotion of it all ending, but it may have just been the best night of programming between the two networks. So did Cross Country Christmas or Project Christmas Wish manage to pull off a Christmas miracle and take the top spot on our ranking?

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