Watch Child Yoda Rock Out Whereas Mandalorian Director Performs Guitar

This video is a perfect Christmas present.


One of the best Christmas gifts we received was not found under our trees this year, but rather on our Twitter feeds. On Friday, The Mandalorian Season 2 director Robert Rodriguez shared a video from the set of the episode he directed, “The Tragedy.” The set video featured The Mandalorian star Baby Yoda (real name: Grogu) and arrived the same day Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, an hour-long making-of special, premiered on Disney+.


Rodriguez shared his set video featuring Baby Yoday on Twitter on Friday. The director of “The Tragedy” is seen in the video jamming on a guitar while the Baby Yoda puppet dances along with him. In the background, an actor playing one of Moff Gideon’s Darktroopers is seen with his helmet off while taking a break. Rodriguez captioned the video with a merry message, writing to his followers, “Here’s a Christmas present to all those who asked me what it’s like to hang out with Baby Yoda on the set of #TheMandalorian #TheTragedy. Check out #DisneyGallery for more behind the scenes!”


Image via Disney+/Lucasfilm

The happy, carefree moment seems to echo Rodriguez’s enthusiasm for directing “The Tragedy,” which he shared with Collider in a recent interview while promoting his Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes. The director, who will soon serve as executive producer on The Mandalorian spinoff The Book of Boba Fett, also spoke about the joys of resurrecting the legendary bounty hunter for his special episode.

As he shared with Collider, in part, “To go play in Star Wars with all the toys and to get to play with Boba Fett as one of your main (characters) — I just thought, ‘I gotta go in there and just have him be… I don’t know if he’s going to show up in any more episodes or what, so I just gotta make him super badass in this moment (and) be that character that I imagined him being when I heard about him when I was 12. That was my mission, just to go satisfy that 12-year-old fascination with the character.”

The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 as well as Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian are now available to stream on Disney+. See Robert Rodriguez’s jam sesh with Baby Yoda below. For more, find out when The Mandalorian takes place and learn more about The Book of Boba Fett.

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