WandaVision Visual Effects Video shows how vision was brought to life

Bringing a synthetoid to life takes a lot of work.


WandaVision was an innovative new look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not only because of its storytelling but also because of the visual effects used on the show. Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies has now made a video showing the VFX work of WandaVisionwhich focuses on the various effects that were used in creating the show, especially when it came to Paul Bettany‘s vision. The video is a beautiful look at the transformation from Bettany with some red makeup and dots all over his face to the vision we saw on the screen week after week.

The caption reads, “MARZ is proud to present a VFX breakdown of the various visual effects, including the VFX of creating vision, on Marvel’s Disney + series WandaVision.” We see the final product, we sometimes see behind the scenes , but rarely do we see that kind of look at how much work goes into turning Bettany into vision or his foray through the hex and beyond.


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There is some level of VFX work with all of our beloved Marvel heroes. Even Hawkeye needs some in order for his arrows to fly, but some characters need more than others and both Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and vision are high on the list. Both have powers that either cause things to turn on and off (like vision) or use a source of energy by simply moving your hands (like Wanda). On the show or in the movie, they look beautiful and seamless, but we put on our disbelief knowing that Olsen and Bettany can’t really do these things. That is why breakdowns like the WandaVision video from MARZ are so exciting.

While it is fun to see Vision fly on the screen, it is even more impressive to see MARZ work to bring the MCU to life in WandaVision.

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