Virgin River Returns: The whole lot You Have to Know Earlier than Watching Season 2


Like moths on a flame scented with pumpkin spices, Netflix viewers fell headlong to Virgin River, a small-town drama about characters as romantic as they are damaged.

However, the first season of Virgin River – based on Robyn Carr's book series – aired almost a year ago. So we wouldn't blame you for needing a refresher before the season two premiere on Friday November 27th.

Keep scrolling to see where the series' main couples ended up at the end of season one:

MEL & JACK (& CHARMAINE) | Realizing this might be her last chance at motherhood, Charmaine informed Jack that she would keep her baby, but he was unwilling to make any further promises when she tried to push him into a commitment. "I will support you and the baby, you know that," he said, adding that he still needed some time to process the news. She agreed to give him the time he needed, but not before tossing one last Ave Maria and telling him, "I still love you."

Meanwhile an angry Jack threatened to ban Hope from his life because he had read Charmaine's letter. And that anger reached dangerous new heights when Hope "accidentally" told Mel about the pregnancy before Jack could find the courage. "The only way to stop you from interfering in my life is to stop you!" he said. (Honestly, as much as we like Hope, we wonder what it took Jack so long.)

Unfortunately, Mel took the news even worse than Jack feared, since pregnancy is a trigger for her. (Remember, not only did she and her husband lose a baby, but they argued about trying again when he got into his fatal accident!) And Charmaine didn't make it any easier, telling Mel, “I didn't . I don't want Jack to come back to me for his damned sense of honor. It has to be a choice, his choice. And that will never happen while you're here. "

With her broken faith in Jack, Mel immediately sat Virgin River in her rearview mirror. It takes her some time to figure out her next steps – and those steps may not lead to Jack after all. (Just kidding! They totally lead to Jack. Click here to see what Season 2 has in store for that little love triangle.)

HOPE & DOK | After a long nuisance, Doc finally agreed to sign and pay for divorce papers, but getting what she wanted didn't feel as good as Hope expected. We're pretty sure this is the beginning of something new, rather than the official end of a marriage. "Divorced or married, you can put on as much pressure as you want, Hope. I'm not going anywhere, "he said, which led to kisses … and more? (Let's not think too much about how this played out behind closed doors.)

PREACHER & PAIGE | Following a pattern of shady behavior, Paige Preacher finally revealed her painful backstory: "My ex-husband has a temper," she explained that he used to abuse her and Christopher. He even got custody of her divorce because he managed to convince a judge that she was "unstable". So she took her son, changed her name, and never looked back. Needless to say, Preacher was upset when a man showed up at the bar and asked for Paige. But when he went to Paige's house, all he found was a cell phone … and some blood.

To make matters worse for everyone, Jack and Preacher's loose cannon friend Brady took a dark turn and turned to Virgin River's local illegal producers to work for "the Syndicate."

OK, you've all caught up. Now tell us, what are you hoping for Virgin Rivers' second season? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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