Upcoming Woody Harrelson Movies & Tv: What’s The Poison In Front Of?

The Most Dangerous Man In America (Limited Series) – TBA (Announced)

Soon Woody Harrelson becomes the most dangerous man in America. In particular, the actor is required to star in a limited series adaptation of the acclaimed book The Most Dangerous Man in America by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis. Harrelson will also play the fugitive convict Timothy Leary, as the series follows Leary’s daring escape from prison and escaped the law in 1970.

Timothy Leary’s escape from custody was seen not only as a dangerous haven, but also as a “counterculture association of” drugs and dynamite “”, as Deadline reports, “aimed at starting a revolution and overthrowing the government.” The subsequent widespread manhunt for Leary, led by President Nixon, lasted 28 months and included “local radicals, European aristocrats, a Black Panther outpost in Algeria, an international arms dealer, hippies smuggling hash from the Brotherhood of Eternal Love , and secret agents on four continents. “Currently in preproduction, The Most Dangerous Man in America is written for the big screen by Luke Davies of Catch-22.

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