Upcoming Joaquin Phoenix Movies: What Is In Entrance Of The Joker Star?

There is something about Joaquin Phoenix, a quality that few, if any, other actors of his generation possess. Regardless of whether he was "The Man in Black" in the Johnny Cash biopic "Walk the Line" from 2005, the absurd art-house documentary "I'm still here" or his latest attempt at Joker 2019, which earned him his first Oscar , Phoenix portrays one of those rare talents that gets lost in its characters and never allows audiences to look behind the curtain until the movie is over and done. It's this quality that makes Phoenix so electrifying on screen, and why we keep coming back as audiences to learn more.

But what is in store for the star of great cinematic masterpieces like Gladiator, The Master and Her? Where will we see Joaquin Phoenix again and when will we see him lose again in another acclaimed performance of a unique and tormented character? Well, there are actually some confirmed films and documentaries by the name of Joaquin Phoenix that are either in production or will be there soon. Let's take a look.

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