Uncle Frank Ending: What occurred and did it work?

Uncle Frank is the new Amazon Original film, written and directed by Alan Ball. It features Paul Bettany as the title character, Sophia Lillis as his niece Beth and Peter Macdissi as his longtime friend Wally. Uncle Frank is about a man who leads a comfortable life in New York but travels home to a family he has avoided for his father's funeral. Uncle Frank's end took an unexpectedly happy turn.

Uncle Frank's ending was hopeful and optimistic in a way the film had never seen before. After viewing the film for the first time, I wondered if the happy ending made sense in the context of Frank's family trauma, and I think it does. Let me explain why and discuss other elements of Uncle Frank.

Warning: This post contains Uncle Frank Spoiler. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read any further.

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