Twitter: Kim Kardashian will quickly be asserting that she is relationship CNN’s Van Jones !!

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian announced that she was divorcing her husband Kanye West. Shortly after she announced, Twitter began speculation about who will date Kim as her first new boyfriend.

And unanimously, MTO News has learned that Twitter believes Kim will soon announce that she is dating CNN presenter Van Brown.

It has been rumored for months that Kim and Van have secretly had a crush on each other. Van, a 52-year-old CNN commentator who also recently filed for divorce from his wife.


Those rumors were rife on Twitter before Kim was filed, now they’re all over the place. Many users shared pictures of Jones and Kardashian at the Criminal Justice Reform Summit in 2018, jointly hosted by Variety and Rolling Stone. This show focused on prison system reforms in the United States.

A tweeter even offered chances of who would meet Kim next. Van came first, followed by Drake.

This is how Twitter reacts to Kim Kardashian and Van Jones …


Van’s wife Jana Carter divorced the CNN commentator in 2019. She sought joint legal and physical custody of her two children, Mattai and Cabral.

Here is a picture of her – a dark haired white woman.


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