TI’s wife Tiny’s backside “deflates” in a disturbing viral video: “It exploded”! (Video)

Rapper TI’s wife Tiny is trending on social media today after a new video shows her butt deflated while dancing, MTO News learned.

Tiny’s friend posted a video of the reality star dancing with a group of friends. In the video, Tiny can be seen twisting her hips and her surgically enhanced bum swaying in an unnatural way. Then, when Tiny stopped moving, her bum fell – as if it was deflated – and fell into the middle of her hamstrings.

The video quickly went viral, shocking the reality star’s fans. A fan claimed her butt exploded.

Here is the video of people talking on all social media.

And here is a screenshot of Tiny’s deflated bum.


As you can imagine, the viral video is trending on social media and MTO News has confirmed that the comments on Tiny’s IG page are currently in tatters.

Outside of that unfortunate moment, Tiny and TI are currently in a career crisis. The superstar couple were recently accused by several women of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting them. Both Tiny and TI deny the allegations and face multiple lawsuits from their alleged accusers.

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