TI & Tiny accused of being husband and wife ‘PIMP TEAM’ (‘Cross Country’ Pimping)

Just when you thought the allegations against TI and his wife Tiny couldn’t get any worse, you just did it. MTO News learned that a woman had come up saying TI and Tiny “pimped her up”.

So far, the allegations against TI and Tiny have related to sexual assault and drugs – now the couple are accused of being a husband and wife of the PIMP TEAM.

Pimps they say!

Attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, who represents several prosecutors, was held this week by a suspected anonymous survivor, according to a representative.

One victim claims she was “drugged, forced to take tons of Molly and X, and sexually trafficked in three states.” The alleged trade with the woman went across the country. MTO News learned that the woman alleged she was “trafficked” starting in Nevada and ending in Miami, Florida.

The alleged pimp took place in 2010, and the alleged victim was 32 years old at the time.


These new allegations are very serious. Pimping women across national borders is a federal criminal offense and comes with a heavy penalty. If the government understands this, the couple could face LIFE in jail.

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