The resident video: Conrad’s new patient has a surprising connection with Dr. Bell


The upcoming Resident of the Week case will be very close to home for two Chastain documents.

The Fox drama returns from hiatus on Tuesday (8 / 7c) and in our exclusive insight embedded below, Conrad learns that his pregnant patient Tina has personal relationships with Dr. Bell and his former stepson Jake: She has the baby that Jake and his husband want to adopt.

“I did so much wrong. That’s how I ended up here ”, Tina shares the emotional scene. “But the only thing I got right was picking Jake and Greg. You were amazing. “(She’s also happy to learn that Bell is Jake’s stepfather, and thanks Bell for raising him … which is as awkward as you think it would be.)

But even though Tina came to Chastain thinking she was in labor, Conrad has a disturbing update to cover the contractions she is experiencing.

The Resident last aired on March 9, with an episode that put Mina’s medical career at risk, thanks to a vengeful Dr. Cain. During the mid-season premiere on Tuesday, Mina will receive a phone call prompting her to make a bold decision about her future (shortly after meeting AJ’s parents, no less). While Devon hears surprising news from Princess Nadine, he ponders the future of his love life as Irving and Jessica finally tie the knot.

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