The Miz Reveals How He Actually Feels About Being a Lady Dad

The Miz is a proud girl dad.

On Thursday, Dec. 3’s all-new Daily Pop, the WWE star and his wife (and fellow wrestler) Maryse Mizanin caught up with E!’s Justin Sylvester. During the exclusive chat, the Miz & Mrs stars gave updates on their daughters Monroe, 2, and Madison, 14 months.

As seen in the clip shared from their USA show, the wrestling couple is teaching their toddler how to potty train. Per Maryse, Monroe is “doing great,” despite The Miz (born Michael Mizanin)’s unconventional methods.

“I don’t know what’s going on sometimes,” Maryse said about Mike’s decision to transform their toilet into a monster for potty training purposes. “I think it’s scary for me. As a kid, I was always afraid that something’s gonna come out of the toilet and bite my butt.”

In defense of her fear, Maryse reminded her spouse that children have “a big imagination.”

Regardless, it’s clear that Mike is enjoying life being a girl-dad.

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