The Masked Singer Reveals: Ranked From Least Thrilling to Most Thrilling

How’s everybody doing tonight? Pretty boring time? Nothing going on? 

While you’re killing time waiting for nothing in particular, why not take a little trip down Masked Singer memory lane? We’ve now witnessed more than 50 unmaskings over the course of three and a half seasons, and some have definitely hit harder than others. Sometimes our reaction actually does match the suspiciously shocked faces of the audience members and other times, all we can do is say, “Who?” 

In order to distract ourselves, we’ve updated our ranking of all of the reveals so far, in order from least to most thrilling. Remember when Sarah Palin was a Bear? And when Bella Thorne was a Swan? Bret Michaels was also a Banana once! 

This show has given us some truly wild moments since it first premiered in January 2019 (practically an entire lifetime ago), and now it’s time to take a little look back. 

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