The Masked Singer Recap: Shell-o, is it me you’re looking for?


Who do I have to speak to so that judge Nicole Scherzinger from The Masked Singer sings in every episode?

The Pussycat Doll sings a few bars of That’s What Friends Are For to commemorate Nick Cannon’s return this week, and it’s lovely. (Ken Jeong’s part of the song? Less.) And the performances weren’t too shabby either! Let’s wrap it up again, cool?

RUSSIAN DOLLS | At first it looked like four of the Russian dolls were going to serenade us this week. But when they actually sang Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me”, it was only three of the dolls who put on sweet harmonies and flawless falsettos. Notes include: the Lincoln Memorial; a bowl of fruit (oranges?); a tour bus; a snow globe with snow owls; References to appearances in parking lots, softball fields and in the White House; and “What goes around comes around.” (My guess: “MMMBop” singer Hanson.)

ROBOPINE | Robopine unleashed both his singing and choreographic boasting in his performance of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly,” which made his performance one of the most satisfying of the night. The clues included: ruins, clues to be “looking for a specific gold relic”, 6, MM or MW, a gold mug with 1 USD and “AKA”. (My guess: The quick and the furious Tyrese Gibson.)

SHELL | Speaking of satisfactory numbers, what about “tell me something good?” The Rufus feat. Chaka Khan Jam was the perfect song pick for anyone in costume (but I’m pretty sure I know). The clues included: clues about wearing “different shoes” throughout their careers, a wedding cake, strength supplements, and Motown that “brought my family together.” (My guess: sister, sister Tamera Mowry. Or is it Tia? No, I think it’s Tamera. Probably.)

ORCA | The killer whale clue package and the performance of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Her Thorn” were all about his father, who was his hero and who died after orca’s children were born. Clues include: Swedish fish, a $ 3 bill, a note on his 10 year old twins, and “Purrrr” – which apparently has three clues. (My guess: Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath.)

YETI | The last wild card of the season came out towards the end of the episode and was a very athletic, very entertaining and only slightly out of breath performance of New Editions “If It Isn’t Love”. The clues included: firewood, clues to being raised by a “village of women warriors”, berry and jam sandwich, three cupcakes, a heart and Aphrodite – because “Yeti is all about love, love, love.” My guess: “Sexy Can I” singer Ray J.)

CLUEDLE-DOO | The big rooster offered the following clues, which seemed to be about him in a roundabout way: Robin Thicke is a “hopeless romantic, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg” loves to talk “, Scherzinger is” friends with benefits “and Jeong’s clue is” we “. both have changed. “(My guess: Community graduate and frequent Masked Singer guest judge Joel McHale.)

THE UNMASKING | Orca was exposed and exposed as McGrath.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the episode? What are your latest guesses? Check out Orcas Unmasking below, then click the comments and let us know!

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