The gorgeous rapper SAWEETIE joins Pornhub; Publish express video!

Rap superstar Saweetie is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women in all of hip hop – now she's joining the adult pornhub website as one of her partners. And MTO News has learned that it plans to produce explicit content for the website.

It's not clear what kind of explicit content – or if Saweetie herself will be naked in the content – but it's Pornhub.

She made the announcement on her social media page yesterday, and it immediately caused a stir on Twitter.


Many of Saweetie's fans were disappointed with her for taking the so-called "Thoth" route. Unlike most other rappers, Saweetie is considered intelligent and has a college degree.

As one of Saweetie's fans said, "I'm disappointed with her. I would expect this move from Cardi (who's just a stripper) or Megan (who's just a rapping twerk dancer). But Saweetie should be." a classy girl. "

Here Saweetie makes the announcement:

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