The decade-old Avicii x Nervo “don’t give up” gem is expected this summer

A Avicii x nerve The collaboration that’s been in the works for a decade is finally coming out.

DJ Trino got the scoop over the Club Tesoro interview below where Liv (one half of Nervo) discusses the future of a track they wrote with Avicii and tested with great success 10 years ago. The chill-inducing production officially known as “enough is enough” appears as “don’t give us up”.

DJ Trino mentions a summer 2021 release, but Liv admits they’re still trying to perfect the production. “We’re still working on production because we can’t get it right,” she says. “It’s very difficult when you have a record with so much history – there is so much pressure.”

“It’s a nice record. I get sad every time I work on it – because I’m just like that, oh – thinking what happened to him and what a genius he was. I wish he was alive and we could post it together. “

Given the heart and the story of the upcoming collaboration, “Don’t Give Up On Us” will be a very special, bittersweet release. Check out the reveal below and scroll down to see Avicii and Nervo play the song live in Tomorrwland around 2011.

Avicii x Nervo is coming this summer

Avicii x Nervo – Enough is Enough (Don’t Give Up on Us) Live @ Tomorrowland 2011

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