That Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Has Me Pondering There’s A Huge Secret Hiding In Plain Sight

Should this theory, and all of the evidence provided above be correct, there’s a chance that either Godzilla is attacking those who would replace him with MechaGodzilla, or the King of the Monsters himself is being impersonated, and he just hasn’t shown himself to clear his name yet. With everything on the line, and the promise that “one will fall” in Godzilla vs. Kong, this might be the cheat that some have hoped for, allowing both of our Titan friends to team up and throw down against this human-crafted threat. Let’s just hope that no matter who wins, our species doesn’t become endangered by the MonsterVerse’s creatures banding together to eliminate what’s consistently shown itself as a threat to their way of life, and the safety of this planet: us. Oh, Gipsy Avenger… we may need your help after all.

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