SURVEY: 90% of UK festival goers are confident of attending live events this year

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A new study by Festicket, a platform for discovering and booking festival travel, surveyed 140,000 UK festival goers to see if they were willing to come back to it after the lockdown. The answer is mostly yes.

According to the survey, 90% of festival goers are confident of attending a live event this year, and 79% are already comfortable attending a live event this summer. In addition, 82% of fans said they would like to attend two or more festivals or live events this year.

Zack Sabban, CEO at Festicket and Event Genius, gives an insight into the results:

By combining customer feedback with ongoing discussions with event partners, we are in a strong position to help the industry recover successfully. It is important that the industry operate within all available government guidelines. In particular, however, it is important to listen to your fans and deliver events the way they are now demanding to be successful.

Note that this survey is for UK festival goers and events. However, we can imagine that these numbers may be just as high in the US.

You can find the results of the Roadmap Out of Lockdown survey here.

Photo via Creamfields

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