Steve McQueen Talks Blacks Being Given The ‘Keys’ To Create Issues That ‘Can’t Be Ignored’

It’s also having the keys to sort of have your hands on the power to make those things. I mean, our stories started from ‘68 to ‘84. Those films should’ve been made in their time, but Black people were not welcome in the film industry or the television industry. We were not welcome. We were not given the keys. So that’s been the difference, it’s been a bit of a seat change over the last, say 10 years, things have taken a real change in Black artists, filmmakers and actors and what not having the power to actually make things that they care about in a way which cannot be ignored. I mean, you think about things like Do The Right Thing in 1989, which wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture, do you know what I mean? That couldn’t happen now. That’s about having our hands in a way to control our own destiny. That’s what it’s about, and that’s what Small Axe is about.

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