Spirale: The box office wins from the book of the saw, since Angelina Jolies, who wish me dead, offer little competition

So what happened to those who wish me dead? To begin with, it didn’t hit the buzz meter particularly high, as Rotten Tomatoes barely stuck to its “fresh” status with a consensus rating of 63 percent and the CinemaScore survey gave it a “B”. What isn’t particularly clear at this point, however, is whether the film was little or little generally attractive – and we won’t know until more information about the HBO Max stats comes in. It is possible that the new film was actually a huge hit among the subscribers to the streaming service and may not have felt that it warranted the full cinematic experience. If so, it would be an interesting case to examine the ongoing battle between theater and digital distribution. Over the past few months, Warner Bros. has played pretty well in this arena with hits like Godzilla vs. Kong by Adam Wingard and Mortal Kombat by Simon McQuoid, but their latest release appears to be a horse of a different color.

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