Snowfall Recap: The road to the season 4 finale is paved with death


Death is not a new concept for snowfall.

In season four alone, fans watched the violent death of an innocent 5-year-old girl and Fatback, the kind-hearted but gullible man willing to endure the fall for her murder to his own. However, Wednesday’s trio of murders in the penultimate episode of the season, titled “Sleeping Dogs,” felt different and somehow more shocking. Maybe that’s because two of the deaths could have been avoided.

More on that in a minute. But first, let’s unpack Manboy’s murder by Franklin. This guy has been creating a drama with his brother-in-law Skully for weeks. Although Manboy and his crew attempted to kill Skully with Franklin’s blessing and support, Manboy quickly changed tracks when Leon accidentally shot and killed Skully’s 5-year-old daughter, who was also Manboy’s niece. And at the end of the last episode, we learned that Manboy had offered to pay Franklin’s friend Tanosse $ 100,000 plus protection for her brother in jail if she could get Franklin to reveal his drug supplier, or “plug”. Of course, Franklin found the double cross.

Fascinatingly, Tanosse’s use as a rat also led to Manboy’s demise. He found out that the meeting she told him about was a lie. What he and his boys didn’t realize, however, was that Franklin knew Manboy was going to be too smart for an obvious setup and would likely come to Tanosse instead. Right here, Franklin, Leon, Jerome and Peaches made the leap to Manboy and his company. But only after Tanosse stabbed him badly when he tried to strangle and shoot her for lying to him.

“How did you know I would be here?” A shocked and bloody manboy, aka Drew, asked Franklin as he lay dying on Tanosse’s floor.

“You were always smart, Drew,” Franklin replied coldly. “Just not as smart as you thought.”

Manboy seemed to want to die faster and talked about Jerome, Franklin and Leon. He even caught up with Leon’s best friend Fatback when he found out that his sister Khadijah killed Fatback. So Franklin shot him a few more times. But he wasn’t dead yet and Franklin only shot him dead in the throat after Manboy said Jerome and Leon would turn on Franklin one day. He always talked too much, Franklin concluded.

Everyone then turned to Tanosse, who had stood by in shock. Franklin told her to call the police and say that Manboy tried to rob her, so she stabbed him and shot him. Franklin also said Tanosse needed to find a way to explain Manboy’s deceased friends outside. Man, breaking up with Franklin is such a bloody and criminal business.

Unfortunately, with Manboy’s death, there was no doubt that Khadijah would become more vengeful and murderous. Louie, recovering in the hospital, then devised a plan in which Franklin would pay strippers / batter women Black Diamond and Dallas twice what Khadijah had paid them to double cross. Franklin did just that, with Wanda’s help as a decoy. After Black Diamond and Dallas were well compensated, they agreed.

The two women served khadijah on a platter. Skully tried to warn her and Leon even tried to argue with her. But Khadijah said she would never stop trying to kill Leon while she was alive, so Jerome shot her and killed her. Like Leon, we mourned when Khadijah gasped for her last breath because her grief over the death of her daughter and brother made her a vengeful killing machine. And Leon, although he regretted killing her daughter, had helped make Khadijah so. You also have to wonder what will happen to Skully after he had to say goodbye to his girlfriend and daughter at the morgue about Franklin’s crew. Does he want revenge too?

But Khadijah’s death wasn’t the only avoidable one. Like Khadijah, Irene seemed in some ways to have a death wish. Teddy warned the dogged journalist that if she didn’t stop talking about the CIA’s role as a cocaine supplier in South Central LA, he would kill her the next time he saw her. But she went on a public radio show anyway and spilled more tea.

Poor Irene. Couldn’t she say Teddy drugged her? Why didn’t she realize that Teddy was just telling her all this information because he knew she would be dead before the story ever saw the light of day. Drunk and drugged, Irene hit a parked car, and then Teddy appeared and did her and planted pills. Many say Irene’s character is based on Gary Webb, the real-life reporter who exposed the CIA and tragically died. Perhaps that was why her character was doomed from the start.

Speaking of doomed, fans have to watch and find out if Alton gets away in time or if Teddy or Franklin or both are killing him for sneaking up on Irene. Either way, the season four finale will be highlighted next week.

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