SNL video: John Krasinski is Tom Brady, Cecily Robust is Marjorie Taylor Greene in "What else works?" Open chilly


Is America Irreparably Broken? That was the question that preoccupied Kate McKinnon in Saturday Night Live's first sketch of 2021.

"Hello and welcome to What Still Works, where we look at every part of society and ask ourselves," What is still working? "It's a new year and we have a new president, so some things should work – but do they?" McKinnon asked.

The first issue was government – and McKinnon already had her doubts. For insight, she brought out Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia Wackadoo congressman who promotes QAnon conspiracy theories. The US representative sat down and offered McKinnon a gun. He then went through a series of grotesque conspiracies relating to the Parkland School shooting, the 9/11 attacks, and California wildfires.

Next, McKinnon checked in with GameStop's new majority shareholder, Derrick Boner, on the stock exchange. Said Nuff.

Social media CEOs Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg then stopped by to discuss how Twitter and Facebook have contributed to the spread of misinformation. "Basically, Facebook still works," argued Zuckerberg. “Not only does it help form online communities, but it has also helped people meet and connect in real life. For example in the Capitol! "

After Zuckerberg shorted out, McKinnon checked with O.J. the introduction of the coronavirus vaccine. Simpson, who is among the three percent of the population who have already received the vaccine, while teachers and those with long-term lung diseases remain on the waiting list.

For her final topic, McKinnon asked, "Does Tom Brady work?" There with his mind was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback (played by John Krasinski, the SNL host for this weekend) who acknowledged that no one is on his way to Super Bowl LV. After he ran away, McKinnon recognized the absurdity of the cold.

"I was Kate McKinnon like me and was slowly going mad like all of you," she said. “Stay strong – or weak. Weak is also a good option. "

What do you think of SNL's first Cold Open of the year? Were you surprised it wasn't about newly minted President Joe Biden or VP Kamala Harris? Hit the comments with your reactions and weigh the episode using the poll below.

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