SNL: Pranks YouTubers Go Viral with Mouse Bones, Glitches, and Endless Apology Videos – Watch


It’s no surprise that Saturday Night Live skewered the latest incident of prawn tails in grain that took the internet by stormBut as a result of this weekend with host Daniel Kaluuya, two YouTubers took the event a step further – and a few more.

In “Viral Apology Video” (embedded below) is the Prank Posse (played by Kaluuya and actor Kyle Mooney) document an aching breakfast when the duo find mouse bones in their cereal.

“Yo, the grain company wanted you to eat dead mice! It’s illegal, damn it! “says Kaluuya’s character JP.

Always the YouTubing opportunist, Markey (Mooney) asks his audience, “Would you eat the bones? Hit us in the comments and let’s #mousebonesthehEEELLL Trending ??! ”

But then everything starts to go so badly wrong. Thanks to all the attention from his viral video, his previous crimes are coming to light and Markey has posted the first of many apology videos. But the pranks, mishaps and excuses go on like a revolving door of (weird) shame and regret.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for turning JP’s TV upside down,” says Markey. “It never even occurred to me that I could hurt my boyfriend!”

Another prank called “Tricking JP Into Kissing My Penis” unsurprisingly sparked outrage, which resulted in Markey being hit where it hurts the most: in his endorsements.

“They also now allowed me to see some of my previous videos as problematic and / or a crime,” admits Markey. But that didn’t stop the YouTuber from continuing to promote his channel. “If you like this excuse and believe it, please check out my other apology videos!”

Check out the full clip below::

Elsewhere in the episode, Lil Nas X gave God a lap dance at Britney Spears’ request, and St. Vincent played her two new tracks “The Melting of the Sun” and “Pay Your Way in Pain”.

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