SNL parodies HBO’s mare from Easttown: Kate McKinnon and Elon Musk Star

Saturday Night Live’s hit Prestige TV this weekend with a parody of Kate Winslet’s HBO crime drama Mare of Easttown – which was translated into “Murder Durder” in the joking love language of sketch comedy.

In the clip above, McKinnon plays Kare, a “detective with a special accent” who tries to solve the murder of someone “Durder” (the daughter of every English-speaking man out there) in a small town in Pennsylvania. certain whites. “The commercial rips the state’s love for wawa and hockey, and even features a special cameo from Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot Gritty. (What’s a Pennsylvania parody without him?)

The commercial also states that the leading lady on Murder Durder “is a messy ponytail actress who says,” Forget I’m actually British. “

Some of the best jokes come in misquotations from critics, including an excerpt from the New York Times that reads, “So authentic Pennsylvania, I suppose. Absolutely everyone was related to one another. “

McKinnon is joined by Beck Bennett as the quick-tempered father with the dead “Durdur” (a riff over Patrick Murney’s acclaimed performance as Kenny McMenamin) and host Elon Musk, who ends up appearing as the priest everyone immediately suspects.

Musical guest Miley Cyrus opened the SNL this weekend with a very special homage to Mother’s Day, which reported on the “light of a clear blue morning” from her godmother Dolly Parton. Additionally, Musk made an unexpected announcement during his opening monologue, which you can watch here.

Watch “Murder Durdur” by pressing PLAY at the top, then tell us: What do you think of Musk’s stay at hosting? We know you have something to say on this subject. So, rate the following episode and drop your thoughts in the comments!

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