SNL: One of many witnesses of a Tooty Giuliani is Cecily Robust as Loopy Blonde, Nicole Kidman's undoing character


After a four-week hiatus – and with its second episode since election night – Saturday Night Live returned with a cold open that faked President Trump's witnesses (as much as it can) The legal team led by Rudy Giuliani has set out to argue over election fraud.

In C-SPAN's coverage of the Michigan Senate, which heard testimony of fraudulent statements in the November election, Mikey Day and Ego Nwodim played House Oversight Committee members who were increasingly upset when Kate McKinnon's Giuliani hit some hot men and by “a dozen highly intelligent, barely intoxicated people, all of whom are eyewitnesses to the election fraud.

First up was Cecily Strong – in a slight variation on "The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party" – as Melissa Carone, who stated "in person to vote hundreds, if not thousands, of the dead see".

Heidi Gardner then emerged as a woman who claimed she “ate ballot papers” after being tricked by Democrats into setting up food trucks with ballot burgers, ballot pizzas, and the like. Next came My Pillow Guy aka Mike Lindell (played by Beck Bennett), who shamelessly said, "A demo can hide over a million fake ballots in a My Pillow and still sleep well!"

Carone returned for a while sipping a COVID vaccine martini and mistaking Dominion (as in the voting tech company she worked for) for Domino. Afterward, Alex Moffat played a man who claimed he saw aliens fill out postal ballot papers for Biden … seven years ago.

The kicker for the sketch, if there was one, was Rudy's introduction of “Nicole Kidman's character from The Undoing” (played by Chloe Fineman), which had nothing to do with electoral fraud, but insisted on it – in her “Upper East Side of Australia” Accent – this husband Hugh Grant was innocent for being "too hot and white."

The committee eventually cut Giuliani on hold to insist that he wrap things up. At that point, the former New York mayor said he would not stop fighting until the presidential election was overturned – or he was given “a full apology and $ 10 million in cash. “He then announced that his next press event would be at the Ritz-Carlton … Plumbing & Heating Supply Company.

In the video above, press PLAY to see the cold open fully, then press the comments with your reactions.

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