Silk Metropolis Drop First track since 2018, "New Love" with Ellie Goulding [MUST LISTEN]

Diplo and Mark Ronson aka Silk city Do you together Ellie Goulding for her first release since her hot series in 2018, "New Love".

The Grammy-winning DJ / producer super duo absolutely shines on the track, celebrating the classic house and disco sounds that have inspired them so much throughout their careers. "New Love" rocks nostalgic dance elements and its own gentle, piquant groove, while Ellie Goulding's powerful voice cuts through the mix with a feel-good attitude. It's a new school approach to a tried and true method, and we fall a little more in love with the track every time we listen.

I've known Mark and Wes for years and it just seemed right to make a tune together at a time when we all need to dance and be free, even if we're just in our kitchen. The song is about losing yourself, not having to be seen, and knowing that whoever escaped can be just as happy. The main concept is to dance alone without being seen. – Ellie Goulding

Silk City was named after the Philadelphia Diner, where the two met more than 20 years ago. It is a festival of classical dance music. After decades of friendship, Diplo and Ronson entered the studio together in 2018 and produced hits – "Only Can Get Better" with Daniel Merriweather, "Feel About You" with Mapei, "Loud" with GoldLink and Desiigner and "Electricity" with Dua Lipa.

Hear the latest from Silk City here!

Silk City – Neue Liebe feat. Ellie Goulding

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