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8. When Filipps was filming one of many controversial scenes with Franco, he remembered her on-screen love interest and told her to hit him as hard as possible. "I hit him repeatedly, so hard that his skin turned bright red," she wrote in her book. "I felt really weird about it, but at the same time he asked me to, so I decided to do it. I just wanted to be a good actor."

In 2012, Philipps told Vanity Fair that since her characters were believed to have come from a tough home life, they were physically rough with each other and if he was aggressive with her she would return it immediately. "We had a very intense thing when we worked together," she said. However, in her 2018 book, she recalled Franco being particularly rude to her, which she insecurely attributed to him at the time because she thought she was not a good actress. She wrote that during a scene where her characters were being pelted with water balloons, the director told her to hit his chest and plead, "Damn Daniel, do something!" But when she did, Franco pushed her and knocked her down and yelled, "Never touch me again!"

Feig and Apatow told Franco he had to apologize, which he did after watching the footage of the interaction and admitting it was "pretty mean". Philipps accepted his apology, but in retrospect she dictated it to a talented actor who was able to get forgiveness out of her. It was a "boys club," she wrote. So what could she expect? That's how it worked.

Franco did not publicly address Philip's 2018 memories. At the time, however, she repeated on Instagram: "James apologized. I said yes. And I can still tell because it didn't happen to me." You've talked about it over the years, she said during a Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, and "at one point he apologized to me."

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