See Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson Rework into Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp for Impeachment

As far as we know, it really is Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp play along in Ryan MurphyImpeachment: American Crime Story.

Feldstein cap and Sarah Paulson, convincing doubles for the well-known characters, even if they wear masks on set. The two were spotted in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, December 10th.

Filming on the series began in November of that year, and Paulson told Entertainment Tonight it was the "biggest swing" she's ever done in her career. "I don't look like her and there was a lot that had to do in transforming me," she explained, adding that her transformation into Tripp was "very exciting and totally annoying."

Though Paulson's on-screen appearance requires a bit of movie magic, the show will largely stick to the facts. Lewinsky herself signed as executive producer and announced in August 2019 that she intended to "reintroduce my voice into the conversation".

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