Saweetie is altering her look, however followers aren’t right here for that change

Saweetie changed her gaze and flaunted a blonde wig, but her fans weren’t exactly impressed with the change. Check out her video below.

Some fans, on the other hand, said she gave them Whitney Houston vibes.

Someone said, “She can’t go wrong in my eyes,” and another follower wrote, “One thing about her is going to rock all of her hairstyles.”

One follower said: “Faith Evans has 24 hours to reply!” and someone else posted: “She wants to be such a bad trendsetter.”

One follower said, “She looks like one of them is promoting new wigs with bobble headsets,” and someone else said, “They say,” I just killed my rich husband for his life insurance, “and I’m here for that! ❤️🤑 ‘

One follower said: “If” aunt who had addiction problems but recovered “was a wig.”

In other news, Saweetie I just told her fans something really sweet about Quavo. Check out the message she shared and The Shade Room got it republished.

TSR revealed some rally details about how things were going. See them here.

In other breaking news, Saweetie isn’t afraid to connect with PornHub. That’s for sure, at least what her social media account shows.

According to hot new hip hop Saweetie went to her Instagram this week to share a few pics of what she wanted to wear to the PornHub Awards.

The rapper-songwriter, according to the outlet, is known to be a “smart” and “beautiful” icon in the rap community.

That being said, Saweetie is living her best life and her fans are there for it and they praise her in the comments section every chance they get.

Stay tuned for more news about your favorite celebrity.


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