Rugrats Reboot First Trailer Reveals Release Date On Paramount +

A baby has to do what a baby has to do.

The new Rugrats series on Paramount Plus

The first trailer for Rugrats The restart is finally here and announces when we can see the new series on Paramount + and complain about the new look.

In a nutshell, the trailer is mainly used to introduce the new look of the show, and what seems to be a stronger focus on great and wild adventures that include everything from dinosaurs to treasure hunts to a new superhero story that sadly doesn’t seem to involve Stinky or one of the original Mega Diaper babies. Before you take out your pitchforks, when you restart the babies it doesn’t seem like they are doing all these fantastic things, they just bring back the sense of wonder and imagination from the original ’90s show where the babies were on imaginative adventures even if they were still were in their backyard.

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The biggest limitation when restarting Rugrats is of course the change in the animation. After all, the original show is from Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, and Paul Germain featured a unique art style that was unique at the time, depicting the babies as rather ugly, almost alien-looking beings (which, to be fair, most babies already look like). Although it may take you some time to get used to the new visual style and the characters’ faces look like empty dolls, the design of the hair and textures on the clothing and other background elements looks surprisingly good. Check out the above picture of Chas, Didi and Stu, these hairstyles look absolutely wild, especially Stu’s weird purple hair.

And if that’s not enough to at least give the show the benefit of the doubt, what about the team involved? Eryk Casemiro and Kate Boutilier are acting as executive producers for the new show, having worked on the original rugrats while serving as the original voice director Charlie Adler also returns to reboot. Even the cast (well, the babies, anyway) is back. Does that mean it can be as good as the original? It’s too early to say, but I don’t fully appreciate the restart, and at least it can’t possibly be worse than All grown up!, Law?

The first episode of Rugrat’s premiere on Paramount + on May 27th, including an hour-long premiere titled “Second Time Around”. Check out the trailer, recap, and key graphics for the following series:

Tommy leads the babies on a daring adventure to help Chuckie after his great attempt at being brave goes horribly wrong. Warning: dinosaurs are involved.

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