Right here’s Watch the ‘Quick & Livid’ Films in Order (Chronologically and by Launch Date)

Cars that are both fast AND furious? A simple concept, but one that 2001’s The Fast and the Furious transformed into a massive, billion-dollar franchise. What began as a light Point Break remake that swapped surfboards for cars—but kept all the unironic man-love—soon ballooned into an epic, globe-trotting heist series injected with a dangerous dose of NoS, one where the concept of family can forgive all crimes and the action set-pieces gleefully laugh in the face of physics. As is the case with most big stories that came from small beginnings, the exact chronological timeline of the Fast & Furious films has gotten a bit complicated.

If you’re new to the series (or just planning a rewatch!) but don’t know where to point the wheel, we’re here to get you through it one quarter mile at a time. Below, you’ll find two options: the Fast & Furious movies in order of chronological events, and the Fast & Furious movies in order of when each film was released in theaters. There’s no “right” way to do it, and it certainly helps that these are some of the most endlessly rewatchable action movies ever made.

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