Right here's every part Adele did as an SNL host

Adele hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time that weekend and returned to the show for the first time since her appearance in 2015 on October 24. H.E.R. was the musical guest on the show and played their new songs "Damage" and "Hold On". Watch clips below.

Following an opening sketch that recapitulated Thursday's presidential debate, Adele began her monologue by crediting SNL with her breakthrough in the US: She made her debut on the series in 2012, in an episode with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. She also joked about needing a huge oath glass and said she wasn't done with a new album.

In her first sketch, the singer played a woman who visited a clairvoyant (Kate McKinnon) in 2019, with the clairvoyant making predictions about the outrageous realities of 2020. Next, she played a ghost who tried to get a man named Chad (Pete Davidson) to avenge her murder. She appeared as herself in a forged sketch of The Bachelor and sang parts of her songs "Someone Like You", "When We Were Young", "Hello" and "Rolling in the Deep". She later played a woman who paid a socially distant visit to her grandmother (Maya Rudolph).

During a sketch with a caption about how white women move to Africa to have sex with African men, Adele broke character several times while trying to keep on laughing. At the end of the show, she appeared in a 1980s-style ad with Rudolph for chemically treated "Ass Angel" jeans.

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