Resident Alien Boss on rivals Harry and Max: “They will by no means be finest associates”


As an alien desperate to destroy humanity, Harry probably never expected his # 1 enemy on earth to be a pint-sized elementary school student.

In Wednesday’s episode of Resident Alien, the rivalry between Max and Harry came to a head and resulted in the formation of a mutually beneficial truce between the two enemies. After Max admitted to his parents that he stole Harry’s keys to break into the doctor’s house – which ended up in boiling water with mom, dad, and law enforcement, of course – the boy and friend Sahar made Harry an offer that He couldn’t refuse: If Harry tells Max’s parents that the kid isn’t crazy, Max will stop telling everyone that Harry is an alien.

Though the two acceptable parties sealed the deal with a handshake, series creator / EP Chris Sheridan assures TVLine that their controversial relationship is far from over.

“I don’t want them to be friends,” says Sheridan. “Harry is a child. He’s immature, if not more immature than Max and Alan [Tudyk] it plays so nicely. It’s something we used early on and realized that there is an energy. It’s a dynamic that I want to maintain as the show progresses. “

As of now, Max is the only resident of Patience, Colorado who can see Harry for who he really is: an alien with bug eyes, razor sharp teeth, and a massive dome. When Harry collapsed in the episode, “some people are genetically more aligned with the frequency of other dimensions so that they can see beyond my molecular reconstruction.”

“Harry’s opinion at the beginning of the show is, ‘It’s very simple. I’ll just kill him. I don’t understand what the problem is? “Says Sheridan. “It’s his mission to calm the child down, but the child doesn’t leave easily. It was fun for a few episodes when Harry tried to get rid of him, but I knew he couldn’t try that forever. “

When his parents threatened to let him hang over Max’s head, the two characters realized that they both needed something from each other, which ultimately led to the aforementioned alliance. But will this ceasefire last or is it just a temporary solution to their problems?

Teases Sheridan, “They’ll never be best friends and they’ll always be a little bit opposite to each other. I think that’s a lot of fun. “

Do you love the dynamic between Harry and Max? Should they be “frenemies” forever? Sound off in the comments!

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