REPORT: Italian DJ Joseph Capriati Hospitalized After Being Stabbed by Father

Italian DJ Joseph Capriati has reportedly been hospitalized after being stabbed by his father.

The two allegedly got into a fight on Friday, January 8th, when Capriati’s father (61) stabbed Capriati (33) with a kitchen knife. Emergency was contacted and he was taken to Sant’Anna e San Sebastiano hospital in Caserta, Italy.

Leading up to the incident, Capriati had been staying with his family through the pandemic.

The DJ’s condition has been described by local publications as “stable” but “serious,” as the potentially fatal wound affected his lungs. Doctors are holding off on giving a prognosis as they monitor him for 48 hours.

Capriati’s father has reportedly been arrested for attempted murder.

This story is developing.


Sources: Caserta News, la Repubblica | H/T: DJ Mag, Mixmag

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