Regulation & Order: SVU Reunion for Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay Teased

Benson and Stabler are back.


Benson and Stabler are back! On Friday, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay and serial alum Christopher Meloni shared photos from the set of long-running crime trial. The photos tease a long-awaited reunion for the stars and their respective characters. Hargitay, who plays the commanding officer Olivia Benson, was a leader in the Dick Wolf Series since its premiere in 1999. Meloni starred alongside Hargitay as Benson's partner, Detective Elliot Stabler, from the series premiere through season 12.

As early as March 2020 we learned that Meloni would get its own Stabler spinoff series. The 13 episode series entitled Law & Order: Organized Crimewould follow Stabler as he led an organized crime team within the NYPD. With Stabler close to returning to the NYPD, Meloni was expected to appear at the beginning of season 22 to bring his character back into the Law & Order universe. Showrunner, however Warren Leight confirmed (via Twitter) delays in Meloni's return.

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Now there seems to be an opportunity to reintroduce Stabler on SVU and Meloni is currently filming it with Hargitay. On Friday, Meloni and Hargitay shared photos of them together – and socially distant – while they were on set between takes. Meloni's Instagram photo featured the longtime co-stars and best friends having a relaxed time, and wrote, "We're a little closer." Over on Hargitay's Instagram page, she shared a photo of her and Meloni, smiled at the camera, and labeled the photo "Closer Now," using the hashtag "#EO," which could mean "Elliot (and). Olivia." "


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Over the years, Melonis and Hargitay's characters have become a popular platonic partnership on television. While Stabler is an aspiring family man who burns hot, Olivia is the cool and collected person with a calm passionate commitment to her job. Together they are an unstoppable duo that this humble fan believes are two of the best detectives to ever work for the Special Victims Unit. Seeing Hargitay and Meloni back on set together is a sweet, sweet hit of nostalgia that will only add excitement to longtime fans who want to find out what to expect from this duo in season 22.

The broadcast dates for Melonis SVU episode 22 and Law & Order: Organized Crime have not yet been announced. Until then, check out the season 22 photos of Meloni and Hargitay below.

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