Recap a Million Little Things: Is It The End For Eddie and Katherine?


Katherine shaves the side of her head at the start of this week’s A Million Little Things which, among other things, makes her look like a total ass when she does does the excruciating thing she has to do at the end of the episode.

The aforementioned task? I tell Eddie that she wants to end her marriage. But how does she finally come to her decision after months (ok, years) of pain? Read on for the highlights of “Junior”.

MEET GARY’S DAD | Let’s start with the less heartbreaking / heartwarming stuff: Gary’s father Javier (played by comedian Paul Rodriguez) comes to visit. Gary is happy to see him, but is also a little cautious: the way he tells Darcy his pop is “contemporary” and “sometimes he says things he shouldn’t say and people don’t always take it right.” Gary is especially concerned as Danny is just finding out whether he wants to go to school or not and Gary doesn’t want Javier to say or do anything to make the boy feel bad.

But Javier’s time at Gary & Co. has got off to a great start. He connects with Darcy, who is back from her retreat for female combat veterans, about their time in the military together. (He served in Vietnam.) And Gary and his father seem to get along very well … until Javier mentions that he thinks Jon’s suicide is “selfish,” which causes Gary. He yells about how he doesn’t let Javier upset the kids – wait, aren’t Charlie and Sophie in France with Delilah? Isn’t it just Danny these days? – but Darcy interjects and lowers the emotional temperature of the room by a few degrees.

Then Javier finds a list of pros and cons that Danny made to get to his classmates. “You are homosexual?” he asks what’s enough to put Gary on Shouting Protective Uncle Mode. But then Javier pulls a photo out of his wallet; At the beginning of the episode, Gary had said that the picture was of one of Javier’s dead war colleague named Douglas. But as it turned out, the photo was one that Douglas was wearing in his helmet: Douglas was gay – although no one knew it until he died – and the picture was of his special person. After Douglas saved Javier’s life by blocking enemy fire with his own body, Javier reached for the image before it could be sent to Douglas’ parents with the rest of the effects. “I wanted to protect his secret,” he says to Danny tearfully, adding that he now believes he made a mistake because “they should have known who he is.” Finally, he tells Danny that if he’s gay, “don’t be ashamed of yourself.”

So Danny tells some classmates he’s working with on a group project with that he likes boys. And they respond by turning their zoom backgrounds into rainbows. Aw. We later learn that Gary used to be called Javier – which is why it makes sense that Javier Sr. calls him “Junior”.

HOW WALTER HAS BACK HIS NUT | After finding an unused condom in Rome’s car, Rom and Regina assume that Tyrell dropped it when he borrowed the vehicle. So they confront him and he nonchalantly confirms that he is having sex with a friend named Keke, but no, this is not his prophylaxis. Rome is confused. “The last person in my car was my father, OH MY GOD,” he says, noting that Walter and Florence’s friendship may have got a little better.

But when Rome asks his father about it, Walter admits that the condom is his … but that he wore it as a form of wishful thinking. “I’m not sure if she cares that much for me,” he says. So the Howards invite Florence, Walter and Keke to dinner – where Florence lets Regina know that this is how she’s interested in Walter. The hesitation seems to be more on Walter’s side and is due to the fact that he was only ever with his late wife; Meanwhile, Florence has seen other men since the death of her husband.

Anyway, they seem to have landed on the same bow-chicka-wow-wow page by the time dinner is ready. But Keke is still not there. When the grown-ups tease Tyrell good-naturedly about his lady’s delay, he gloomily walks into the room with the phone in hand. Keke just sent him a very disturbing video. “His name was George Floyd,” he says, showing the now infamous footage to everyone. You react in horror.

KATHERINE MAKES A CHOICE | Eddie returns home from rehab, but Katherine can barely muster a cold kiss on the cheek to greet her. He tells her that her new hairstyle looks good. “I just wanted a change,” she says in the understatement of the year. After Theo finishes class and gives his father an enthusiastic hug, Katherine skaddles: She goes to the office, also because the insurance didn’t cover as much of Eddie’s rehab treatment as they thought and they could use the money.

At work, Katherine calls Darcy and confesses that she’s only hiding because she feels “suffocated” when around Eddie. She says she should have listened when Darcy campaigned to leave Eddie after all the Delilah drama. Darcy goes back to her once tough demeanor, saying that she didn’t know Eddie well at the time and that much of his self-medication was due to “trying to be the husband and father he was before the accident” . Katherine gets angry – she feels betrayed – and ends the conversation. Meanwhile we also learn that Eddie won’t return Gary’s calls.

Eddie is planning a big dinner where he and Katherine can really talk about whatever happened, so Jackie goes shopping for him and comes over to drop off the groceries. But then Katherine calls and says she won’t make it because of work, which is a gigantic lie and Eddie knows. He tells Jackie that he recognizes the tone in her voice because it’s the same one he would use “if I lied to her about anything,” he says grimly. Jackie decides to stay and join Eddie for dinner.

And Eddie is right! Katherine and Alan get a room in the same hotel where Eddie and Delilah met … but in the end she can’t stand sleeping with her legal (almost) lover. He is very understanding and repeats that he thinks her great, but she adds that “whatever you and I have shouldn’t react to what’s going on with me and Eddie.” And Alan is cool with it. “There’s nothing more I want than to be with you,” he says, “and I’m ready to wait until you’re ready to be with me.”

At home, Eddie is on the phone with the rehab center – it turns out Gary paid the balance for Ed’s stay – when Katherine comes home. She immediately tells him that she was with Alan, but nothing happened. “I think we should go to a consultation,” she begins and Eddie perks up a little, but hold on, boy. “Not because I want us to fix our marriage, but because I want to talk about how we’re going to end it.” UFF. She remembers when he said he was attracted to Delilah because she looked at him that way. “I don’t think I’ll ever see you like that again,” Katherine says flatly, adding that her entire focus should be on Theo from now on.

Eddie later calls Gary and thanks him for paying the bill. Gary admits that he got the money by selling the engagement ring he bought for Maggie. “No matter what, I love you,” says Gary to his friend. After he hung up Eddie cries.

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