Rating of one of the best roles of Mahershala Ali

4. Roxanne Roxanne (cross)

Roxanne Roxanne tells the story of the real rapper Roxanne Shante (Chante Adams). Mahershala Ali plays her husband Cross. It's another Mahershala Ali movie that many may not have seen. I think what makes Ali's portrayal of Cross so compelling is that it shows different levels of corruption, rise and fall of this man. We watch the charming side of Cross defeating Roxanne and then the abusive, controlling monster he becomes.

We'll see later how his addiction plays a big part in his failure as a decent person, but then Roxanne doesn't let Roxanne Cross off the hook by attributing his bad behavior solely to addiction. This is part of its core. As mentioned before, even Ali's "evil" characters have levels that prevent them from being drab or caricatured. Cross feels a lot like a real person even when performing inhuman acts. A smaller actor may just have made Cross an evil, but Ali makes him an evil with a soul, even if damaged.

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