Rapper Nas will be worth billions when Coinbase goes public !!

Rapper Nas is set to be one of the richest blacks in the world in just a few hours.

Nas, whose real name is Nasir Jones, has secretly grown into one of the most productive investors in the world. And his early investment in Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, whose valuation is expected to hit over $ 100 billion by the time its COIN stock lists hit Wednesday, will place him in billionaire status.

Nas investment firm QueensBridge Venture Partners joined Coinbase’s Series B in 2013 when it raised $ 25 million. At the time, Coinbase was valued at $ 143 million, according to PitchBook.


If the company goes public, Nas investment is expected to be valued at up to $ 750 million. Given Nas’ previous investments, MTO News learned that Nas is likely to be a billionaire after going public.

Nas’ investment firm was an early-stage investor in some of the largest companies in the world, including 2013 Robinhood, Ring, Lyft, and Dropbox.

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