Rapper Black Rob speaks: He is ‘homeless’ and has been beaten 4 times !! (Details)

Last week, MTO News broke news that New York rap legend Black Rob had been rushed to hospital with breathing problems. Black Rob was eventually released from the hospital – but now MTO News has learned that the former bad boy artist is telling fans how bad things are for him.

In a new audio, Black Rob explains to fans how bad his health has gotten. Legend stated that he had 4 strokes in the last 5 years. Black Rob is 51 years old.

And it’s not just his health that is in poor shape, but his finances as well. In the same vein, Black Rob can be heard saying that he “has no house to live”. According to Rob, he’s homeless.


Black Rob was back in the news after MTO News posted a video of him on his Instagram. His former manager DJ Self added, “Let our prayers go on, Black Rob !!! Get well soon man please people out there take care of yourself. BR was one of the greats who had NY like Whaooo on their backs. “

In the video, Black Rob says, “I don’t know, the pain is crazy man. But it helps me, it makes me realize that I still have a lot to do. “He also talked about rapper DMX who passed away on April 9th. He said, “I think everything about X. X is positive. Greetings to X. “

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