Prince Harry says the UK media’s “toxicity” is the principle motive he and Meghan Markle needed to depart the royal household

Royal family watchers know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have fought quite fiercely with the British press in recent years. The alleged abuse inflicted on the couple increased for the first time after their royal wedding in May 2017.

In a new interview Prince Harry revealed the real reason he and Meghan were leaving the royal family. According to the former British King, he and Meghan have given up their obligations to the aristocracy because of the British media and the way they have been treated.

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As previously reported on Thursday evening, Prince Harry had a lengthy interview with James Corden in which they talked about a number of things, including the Queen, how they feel about the press and how they are moving to the United States.

During his conversation with James, Harry stated that the way the British press had treated him and Meghan “was damaging his sanity”. The prince went on to say that the press had created a difficult situation for him and his wife and that they had no choice but to leave family and their duties behind.

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Regarding The Crown, the popular Netflix series that portrays itself as a glimpse into royal family life, Prince Harry said he was far more comfortable with it and how the royal family viewed it because it didn’t pretend to be factual .

However, Prince Harry noted that the show did a good job of giving a “rough idea” of what it is like to be a king. As for his family lately, the prince says it’s no big deal that they moved because they make regular Zoom calls with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip too, though he’s sure they wish , to come home.

This Thursday, the 94-year-old Queen of England urged the public to follow her example and get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Queen stated that it was no big deal, it did not cause pain or it would take a long time. She added that it was really “pretty harmless”.


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