Porter Robinson will share the final “Nurture” tracklist prior to the album’s release

For Porter Robinson, the electronics / dance world is on the verge of anticipations second album Nourish – and now we have the final tracklist to look forward to.

In the post below, Porter confirms the album’s release date as April 23, along with the 14-song tracklist. Previously released singles like “Look At The Sky”, “Get Your Wish”, “Mirror”, “Something Comforting” and “Musician” as well as several never-before-heard productions are included in the mix.

Porter persevered through the lock, using the time to his advantage on his newest creation. He shared in December, “It’s my favorite music I’ve ever made. I’m so damn grateful for the extension … the album (and I) both benefited so much. “

Check out the Nurture tracklist below – and look back here to listen if it drops!

Porter Robinson – grooming [Tracklist]

Pre-order: http://porter.fm/nurture

April 23rd pic.twitter.com/aKGtQq1FwA

– Porter Robinson (@porterrobinson) April 12, 2021

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