Porsha Williams’ message after Daunte Wright’s death is heartbreaking

Porsha Williams shared a post in memory of Daunte Wright on her social media account. This has brought fans to tears. Check out her post below.

‘RIP #DaunteWright This is utterly heartbreaking !! 🙏🏾 Prayers and my condolences to your family !! #DefundThePolice #EndQualifiedImminity ‘

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Someone said, “The mark she’s holding up is pure truth and so unrealistic.” One commenter posted this message: “The officer must be fired, charged, sentenced and given time.”

Another said, “Set an example of these cops who feel they can end the life of an unarmed black man. Defuse them. I am sure you will think before you pull out the gun. ‘

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As one follower wrote, “I totally agree that she was a 27-year-old veteran and didn’t know the difference between a pistol and a taser.”

Another said, “Rip DaunteWright, your untimely death will be in vain. We will fight for you and other African American men. “One follower said,” Now I’m a strong believer in the police, but that speaks volumes !!!! “

Another said, “Some of you so-called celebrities need to stop lighting the fires! What happens is unfortunate and should be prosecuted, but he was also wrong in defying the arrest! Why do people loot? How can people take us seriously if we keep doing this? Porsha stop eye service, let the law take it in due time. ‘

One fan said, “How did you really convince yourself that it would be okay to say that the cop” accidentally unloaded your gun instead of your taser “? Do you really think that’s a good idea? It’s gross “And one follower wrote,” I will not buy taser tasers if your gun and taser are in two different locations. The weight of a taser and gun is different. Officers are trained to know which guns to use So she yells “Taser” but she knows she has a gun in hand which is the playoff, she let him go when she fired that gun … huh … they had his license plate, they knew who he was, it wasn’t worth his life. ‘

Let us continue to lift up his family in prayer.

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